A Girl Praying

Welcome to Rend Your Heart dot Com. We are believers in Christ Jesus from many congregations in the Fort Smith river valley of Arkansas. Each week we gather in homes, church-buildings and other venues across the region for fiery worship, bold teachings, and fervent prayer.

Solemn Assemblies. Together we go before the Lord with repentance, honesty, fasting, and weeping - asking the Lord to bring a blessing and not a curse on our land.  This is the only reoccurring Biblical prescription for removing unfaithfulness and curse from a nation - coming out of our homes and normal gathering places, and assembling ourselves for regional prayer, repentance, and worship.

Rejoicing Sons & Daughters. There’s also a “time to laugh… and a time to dance” that goes hand-in-hand with the weeping and mourning that intercession and repentance bring.  Wherever we gather, our teams carry a revelation of what it is to be sons and daughters of the most high God, and an object of desire for our Bridegroom Jesus.  We make our requests known in this place of sonship, and offer our love and respect with the joy and humility of knowing what we mean to the Father and Son’s hearts.

His Invitations. Like Paul exhorted Timothy in 1 Timothy 1:18, we, too, are contending for the numerous prophetic invitations the Lord has spoken over our region.  ”A Valley of Refuge”, “A Spiritual Fort”, “A Faucet from which national revival will flow”, “A Cancer-Free Zone”, “A Zone of Glory” - we do not make any assumptions that these prophetic words spoken will come to pass over our area without the “price being paid” through asking, seeking, and knocking.  Instead, we treat them as invitations from the Lord, just like the pattern of warnings and invitations given through almost all of the Old Testament prophets to the children of Israel.

More Information. Check out the About Us page for more details and what one might expect when coming to one of the gatherings we help facilitate - some in homes in a “house-concert” style; some as equipping sessions in local church-buildings.

Our Latest News section contains important information about our region and our mission, and the Gatherings section contains posts about upcoming gatherings, events, and any open prayer and/or worship meetings we are aware of in the region.